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Our customized solution development team is tasked with identifying cost efficient ways to manufacture and distribute nutritious, delicious, safe, and cost effective proprietary branded food solutions for customers in our target markets.

Combining the experiences gained at the world’s largest branded and fast-moving consumer food companies, we have the developed AIMS™ (Asset Integration and Management System), an innovative agricultural asset aggregation and manufacturing network, which features the maximization of underutilized agro-business assets across geographies to deliver new and exciting private label products -- cost effectively.

For our customers, the AIMS™ process results in lower product costs, increased asset utilization, product creativity, and higher service delivery. The end products are branded, high-quality imports and exports, which are valued by clients within the United States and our trade promotion partners across the world.

Private Label

Fortis has assembled a team of uniquely qualified individuals to face the challenges of creativity and innovation in feeding the world’s growing population.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Every day, our logistical infrastructure facilitates the movement of enormous amounts of food and agricultural materials across geographies.

Risk Management

For years, Fortis professionals have worked to identify, measure, manage, and reduce its own exposure to global risk as well as its customers.